What’s in store for blockchains in 2018? Infosys’s Peter Loop offers a diverse selection of forecasts for the year ahead.

Peter Loop is associate vice president and senior principal technology architect at Infosys, where he focuses on delivering enterprise cryptocurrency and blockchain ledger technologies, API management and cloud migration of enterprise systems.


“During the course of 2017, we saw big technology players making moves in blockchain.

In addition to Microsoft and IBM, Oracle announced in October a new cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service offering, while SAP opened up early access to its own version of the offering in May. With these updates, and others, it’s safe to say that Fortune 500 companies are now pairing with providers to explore blockchain’s uses in their businesses

These are examples of the type of adoption and validity we expected to see in 2017, but even these positive developments can still be considered scratching the surface.”


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